Rural Marketing Initiatives

OASPL facilitating empowerment of Rural Micro Enterprises through it’s unique 3D approach:

  • Formation and Management of Rural Micro Enterprises in rural areas.
  • Capacity building of Rural Micro Enterprises.
  • Integration of Micro Rural Enterprises with Micro Credit Lines.

OASPL focuses on the following horizon for growth of Rural Micro Enterprises:

  • Market Research
  • Activity selection/Trade identification
  • Assessing Feasibility of Key activities
  • Technology Up-gradation
  • Skill Development
  • Standardization and Quality Assurance
  • Design Diversification and Product
  • Scientific and Attractive Packaging Development
  • Complete participation and Organization of Rural Micro Enterprises
  • Product Promotion Exhibition
  • Explore other avenues to facilitate Sales

Creating a sustainable growth path for Rural Micro Enterprises, OASPL has the following basic strategies:

  • Facilitate Capacity Building of the Rural Micro Enterprises.
  • To create Infrastructure linkages.
  • Transfer of Appropriate Technology.
  • Transfer of optimum benefit to the enterprise by transparent & effective Product Promotion & Marketing linkages