OASPL promotes a cultural blend of performance acceleration oriented systems, technology, robust rewards and recognition systems, innovation, constructive means, trust and integrity that are instrumental in helping us achieve the desired magnificent culture. We are proud of our employee’s relentless attitude of achieving Mount success for all our businesses.

We strongly believe in teamwork, as the best driving force that would give us a ride to the finish line. Having our focus on hard – core facts, productivity and business trends, we don’t overlook your personal success and the support you need to achieve it, at work, at home or in your community.

We ensure not to let even a small success go unnoticed and uncelebrated and to reward and recognize commendable actions and results.


Our employee’s voice is instrumental in determining the work culture and we make it happen through our sincere efforts to care for our employee perception.

Think Big: Projects that make a difference

We work on projects that impact the business. This responsibility means that the bar is set high and as individuals and as a team we must constantly stretch ourselves. For professionals, this makes for a challenging and demanding, yet highly rewarding and satisfying work environment. You’ll need to be flexible, adaptable, hard working and able to think on your feet. Ultimately, you’ll be making a difference and helping to shape the future of our firm and your commitment will be recognized and rewarded.

Challenges to inspire you

If you are an ambitious and talented professional, we’d like to talk to you. At OASPL, we place enormous importance on the performance and the capabilities of our teams. As a major player, we offer superb opportunities for career progression and we invest substantially in the training and development of our people. You can be part of our success. The challenges are huge. The rewards are exceptional. And the working environment is inspiring, dynamic and creative.

Building on our success

OASPL provided us with the unique opportunity to focus on our infrastructure and build a state of the art platform. Unburdened by unwieldy legacy platforms, which afflict many of our competitors, we continue to strive to maintain best-in-class systems for all our businesses.

Open Door Policy

OASPL happens to be one of those companies that promote an open – door policy, freedom of speech, expression and choice ensuring communication enhancement to foster employee understanding of the rationale for practices, processes, and decisions.


We value our people because of what they can do, not where they’re from or how they are. Our business is global and the challenges we face are many and diverse. Individually, our people are ambitious and talented but it is only together, as a team, that we can overcome those challenges and be the best for our clients.

Diversity is about how we get the right mix of people. Inclusion is about how we make that mix work. To achieve those goals we run our business like our success depends on them – because it does. At OASPL, everyone is expected to work together to build a culture of inclusion.


You earn success, we reward you for it. Simple. We believe in rewarding performance through your total compensation, which is made up of your fixed pay and a discretionary bonus. We regularly check salaries across the industry for every type of role to make sure we’re competitive.

When we say we’re a meritocracy, we put our money where our mouth is: your compensation is based on the results you deliver and how you deliver them. And that’s it. No fancy models, no favoritism, no free rides.

Our people also enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that supports them now and for the long-term. Whatever support you need, in work or outside, the chances are we’ve got it covered.


  • People whose career aspirations match the role we are offering
  • People who can clearly show how they have developed throughout their career
  • People with the right knowledge, skills and experience
  • People who can clearly demonstrate the results they have achieved
  • People with excellent qualifications – in their education and any relevant professional field
  • People who can demonstrate our corporate values of teamwork, meritocracy, integrity, speed and accuracy